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A free real estate webseries to empower all real estate brokers in the province, without exception. 12 episodes that give you the knowledge and the mindset to become A Tout Épreuve.

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Winning Mindset 👑

A compass to success.

In short, powerful episodes, André-Jean Suta, director and owner of RE/MAX Platinum, will share with you the secrets that have led him and hundreds of other brokers to the top of the real estate world. Along the way, you'll also have access to never-before-seen interviews with veteran brokers!

V.I.P. access in the spirit of a real estate master.

With 35 years of successful experience, André-Jean, owner and director of RE/MAX Platinum, is a master in the art of real estate. His years of experience, including failures and successes, now serve to propel the careers of those around him. Here's what they have to say...

André-Jean is very close to his team, his human approach makes all the difference! He gives us the tools to perform well and we can always count on him to get help quickly.

Amélia Grich

André-Jean's leadership and positivism are key factors in the way he works with his team. When a manager with 400 brokers says 'call me anytime' and he means it... You understand what kind of person you are dealing with.

Patrick Lalonde

André-Jean is a real estate expert who doesn't hesitate to put in the time for his brokers to make sure they are happy and successful.

Carl Fafard

Working at RE/MAX with André-Jean is more than a banner and an agency, it's like being part of a family. The support is simply unparalleled.

Cynthia Alibrando

Your host

André-Jean Suta-
35 years in real estate.

André-Jean is redoubling his efforts to support brokers, this time from across the province, regardless of their banners. As the owner of two prolific agencies with over 400 brokers, André-Jean is known for his generosity, his straight talk and his ability to turn any challenge into a success. Come and get motivated with an exclusive series of videos that will be unveiled over the course of a month.

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