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Annie Laplante

Bringing down the walls on real estate construction

Learn the essential elements to validate during a visit to quickly distinguish the opportunities from the money pits. Also, learn about the smartes renovations and their impact on resale value.

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Marie Soleil Diorio

How to screw up a sale?

Guarantee your deal success by learning exactly what could make you "screw up your sale" in this episode with a reverse approach and a massive amount of insider information.

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Maryse Noël

Propel your real estate portfolio

Find out how to propel your real estate portfolio with the help of a team of brokers, the risks in today's market and the steps most often overlooked in commercial transactions.

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Melissa Bartakiz

Home staging: The secret key to selling fast

Discover the secret key to making your property stand out from the crowd, to sell faster... and to get the best possible price in your market!

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Josée Tremblay

Divorce in real estate

Learn how to prepare for a property purchase as a couple, how to manage a transaction in the context of a divorce and see several examples that will help you navigate crucial life changes.

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Christian Dubé

How to sell without a broker

Learn the advantages, myths and cons of selling on your own, tips for increasing the value of your property and mistakes to avoid in this episode packed with precious knowledge.

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Jean-Samuel Vachon

Grey areas in real estate

Get up to speed on veteran tips, new practices, false beliefs and grey areas of real estate in this episode featuring a broker from a long line of real estate experts.

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Caroline Sauriol

False promises in real estate

Get the facts straight on your most pressing real estate questions and demystify once and for all the false promises from the real in this raw episode.

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Patrick Lalonde

The urgency to take your time

Make sure you don't skip any steps in your transaction and avoid risks with this episode that examines the importance of taking your time— to finish in first place.

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Julia Ryzhik

From one generation to the next: dealing with a succession sale

Succession sales can be difficult situations that require extra patience and care. Discover the fundamental differences and key takeaways of this type of transaction and learn how to navigate through the stressful and emotional process.

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Marino Abbandonato

Moving on up : Finding your upgrade on the island

Learn the most important aspects to consider when shopping for a home upgrade and the main differences between newer and older houses. Gain insight on the current market and its future in this episode featuring a seasoned real estate expert with over 30 years of experience... and a contagious positive energy.

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Shereen Awwad

House to home: property types, subtleties and fine prints

Learn about the subtleties in property types, real estate vocabulary and Montreal's most popular neighbourhoods so you never get caught off guard in a transaction.

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MK Prop

A walk through the downsizing journey

Discover the recipe for smoothly downsizing with Franco Mascitto and Helen Kintzios. Shed light on the most important pitfalls, the essential aspects of a downsize and learn how to keenly manage expectations throughout the whole process.

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Jonathan Mailhot

Building a sanctuary for your family

See the key steps to buying a house for your family, how to find your ideal neighbourhood, the most common mistakes made in transactions and learn how to choose a competent realtor that really cares about your future.

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The Owners Beware Web series

Your secret weapon for buying and selling.

The Owners Beware Web series brings together the knowledge and the wealth of experience of leading brokers. Whether you are in the middle of a transaction or thinking of buying or selling a property in the near future, you will find priceless information for your unique situation.

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